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CB Stark was founded on Martha's Vineyard in 1966 and since then has earned a shining reputation for fine jewelry, Island charms, and customer satisfaction.

We have won "Best Jeweler" every year in the Martha's Vineyard Magazine.

C. B. Stark designs, available in gold, silver, or platinum, are truly a native product of Martha's Vineyard and are not available anywhere else. Collecting C.B.Stark jewelry has become an island tradition and customers have become friends.

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Savings program at Cronig's.While we bask in the delight of the fall, a challenging time of the year is not far away.To provide maximum savings, we want your opinion about the savings program provided by Cronig’s. Which savings structure would you prefer?
1. Year-round savings of 15%
2. January- 20% February- 20% March- 20% April- 20% May- 15% June- 15% July- 10% August- 10% September- 15% October- 15% November- 15% December- 15%
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