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Rock Pond Kitchens

It's not news how much we're all hurt by the economy.   And it's not news how expensive cabinets are - any cabinets.  And it's not news that an Island Club discount makes a significant difference.  But what is news is that we want to deliver a deeper discount than normal, so you can consider doing work this season.  To help us save time and you money, we ask that you make a preliminary drawings of your existing kitchen.  (Ultimately we'll take the final dimensions.)  If you have any questions about how to produce the drawings, we'll e-mail you a template/guide.  Just send us an e-mail requesting the template at www.rockpondkitchens.com.

Hope we can help.

Paul Lazes

Contact Information:  
Phone: 774-253-3828

20% savings on Cabinets & Granite Counters
Email: paullazes1@gmail.com
Website: www.rockpondkitchens.net